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The small country of Costa Rica with a population of only five million is located in Central America. It is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is located on a narrow isthmus that connects North and South America. This gorgeous tropical country has fantastic beaches, underground volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls, nature reserves, uninhabited islands, as well as a rich flora and fauna. The exotic nature of the country annually attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Costa Rica is a peaceful and neutral state that abandoned the army, and only the police are keeping order in the country. This country is called Central American Switzerland because of its political stability, protected environment, and high living standards. It is a peaceful oasis in this long-suffering region. According to the International Happiness Index, Costa Rica has been recognized as the happiest country in the world for a decade. This country is also quite deservedly called the country of beauties.

Who Are Costa Rican Women?

Costa Rican brides are beautiful in their own way. Their beauty matches the local forests and shepherd’s meadows. They are also very independent and hard-working, so they are not afraid to express their feelings without any fear of judgment. These characteristics make them the ideal women for men who are looking for a woman to take care of them. Here are some tips to attract a Costa Rican woman. A Costa Rican women will be very loyal and will not let you down.

Costa Rican Women

Nowadays, Costa Rican brides live in an atmosphere of American, Asian, European, and Afro-Caribbean heritage. However, the international character of Costa Ricans does not prevent them from being patriots. Costa Rican women are mostly white. About 80% of the population is of Spanish descent, and the remaining 20% are mestizos, mulattos, and Africans. Costa Rican girls have radiant and sunny smiles. Their appearance creates an impression of eternal happiness.

For the most part, Costa Rican women are simple-minded, good-natured, and extraordinary. Music, jokes, and fun are constant companions of Costa Rican beauties of all ages. Music flows from the windows of homes, institutions, cars, shops, and construction sites. Even funeral processions in this country are accompanied by not sad melodies at all. The musical rhythms surrounding Costa Rican girls every day shape their imagination and graceful figures.

The whole country’s hallmark is a leisurely lifestyle and lack of punctuality. There is even an expression “ahora mas tarde”, meaning “now, but later”, which accurately characterizes the attitude of the local population towards fulfilling promises to anybody else. Interestingly, when Costa Rica gained independence from Spain in 1821, the residents found out about it only two months later. It is not for nothing that Costa Ricans often use the phrase “pura vida”, which means “pure life”, as their motto.

Costa Rican Women’s Characteristics

It is hard to meet Costa Rican ladies in a bad mood and without a smile. Often, wealthy and confident men want a cheerful, understanding, and sexy woman next to them. Costa Rican women have a natural talent for making their men feel confident, inspired, and loved. They can be of different heights, body shapes, and hair colors, so it is not a challenge to find just such a girl who matches your ideal bride. However, some characteristics are common to almost all Costa Rican girls.

Their Beauty is Natural

Costa Rican brides are often referred to as some of the most beautiful women in the world. They do not need to put on a lot of makeup, change their features with plastic surgery, or use filters to post their photos on Instagram. However, like all girls from Latin America, these beauties cannot live without bright sexy clothes emphasizing their seductive forms. Costa Rican girls manage to find the perfect balance between modesty and sexuality. However, beautiful Costa Rican women prefer to look more natural than other Latinas. 

They Are Non-Material and Generous 

When it comes to wealth, Costa Rican brides feel free and confident. While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, for the most part, they are happy with what they have. These women enjoy the present day and do not worry about things they are missing. Surely, everyone loves the comfort that can be bought for money, but these women understand that money is a tool, not a life goal. Thus, Costa Rican girls do not save for a rainy day and willingly help other people.

They Are Traditional

Costa Rican women strive to have one man throughout their lives. When these girls get married, they assume the male leadership in their families. For a Costa Rican wife, there is a clear division of home duties between a husband and his wife. The society in this country is mostly patriarchal. Costa Rican girls usually grow up in families with strong fathers who are in charge of everything and make the final decisions, and mothers are good at housekeeping. This attitude of Costa Rican wives allows any man to feel like a real leader.

They Are Family-Oriented

The people of Costa Rica take marriage and family very seriously. For Costa Rican women, their families are a reliable source of support in this unstable world. If they marry someone, this union is expected to last forever. This is mainly due to religious norms, which are strictly followed by all local women. Also, these ladies are strongly attached to their loved ones even after they get married and start living separately. Costa Rican women also love their children and take great care of them. Usually, local families have two, three, and even more kids.

They Are Passionate

Passion is similar to a double-edged sword. It manifests itself in intimate relationships, but also in anger and jealousy. These women know how to live on a fine line between moral purity and sexuality. Oddly enough, when Costa Rican women are upset, they talk about the reason, rather than pout and remain silent for several hours. Also, they are willing to hear the partner’s opinion. This means that problems between couples can be resolved much faster and without nerves. A Costa Rican wife will never make a public scandal. She would rather wait for a better moment to discuss the problem. 

How to Date Costa Rican Brides?

Costa Rican Brides

Hot Costa Rican girls can boast a sharp mind and a great sense of humor. Good manners of Costa Rican girls are formed at an early age. They always know how to behave with other people and can keep up a conversation on any topic. Costa Rican brides care about their self-development and education. They successfully graduate from colleges and universities to find well-paid jobs and become independent. All this must be taken into account when meeting a Costa Rican girl.

A successful date requires a different approach to each girl. And yet, some secrets will greatly increase your chances of taking good care of your privacy by dating one of the Costa Rican women for marriage. These tips may not work with all local women, as all of them are unique, and it is challenging to point out some general rules on how to date them. Follow these simple recommendations to make a beautiful Costa Rican girl fall in love with you.

1. Find Out More About Her Country and Language

Costa Rican brides love their country, culture, and traditions. Before you ask a Costa Rican girl out on a date, read a little about the history of the country and learn at least a few words in Spanish. During the meeting, you can share your thoughts and, for example, learn about some language peculiarities in this country. Ask her about local holidays and traditions. At the same time, you can tell a little about your country and your experience. She will be amazed at your sincere interest in the world in which she lives.

2. Be a Gentleman and Show Good Manners

Costa Rican girls love guys who open doors, pull up a chair for them, and present flowers. In this case, of course, the appearance of a man also matters. You need to be neatly dressed, have a haircut, and smell good. Show her your respect, be polite, and ask her opinion. You may wonder about her hobbies, friends, and plans for the future. Find out what she values most in life. All this information will be very useful to build a strong and healthy relationship with her.

3. Be Open-minded, Sincere, and Cheerful

You need to be honest when you meet and talk with Costa Rican brides. They never forget a lie and will be offended by your false promises. Also, Costa Rican girls are never in a rush to have sex. However, they are very sensual and just love to kiss and hug. In this case, you should also take your time. If you expect a casual sex, just let her know about it. In this way, you can stay honest and find out if you are both in the same tune. A few funny stories from your life would be appropriate.

4. Demonstrate Your Masculinity

All Costa Rican brides want to see a strong and self-confident man next to them. Machismo is a concept of masculine pride which is part of any Latin American culture. At the same time, you should not overdo it and do not denigrate the women’s role. Stay true to yourself and do not hide your feelings and emotions. You should not pretend to be someone else. Awaken the strong and gallant man inside you to please your Costa Rican girlfriend.

Where to Meet Costa Rican Women for Marriage?

Meet Costa Rican Women

If you wish to meet Costa Rican women for marriage, you can come to this beautiful and safe country. Usually, the acquaintance with the country begins with its capital, the city of San Jose. This metropolis combines old and contemporary features without losing the unique characteristics of Costa Rica. San Jose is an ideal place to meet beautiful Costa Rican brides. Also, it can be the base camp for possible further transfers since it is located in the country’s heart.

You should book a hotel near the San Pedro square in the city center, as all the vibrant bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs are mainly located in this area. Also, shopping centers such as Eastridge, San Pedro Mall, Santana Row, and the Great Mall are convenient places to meet Costa Rican girls in the daytime. Meet the girl you like and ask her a simple question. Then, you can invite her over for coffee. In this way, you can start a romantic relationship with a lovely Costa Rican girl.

To visit places on the Pacific coast or the Caribbean Sea, you will need less than a couple of hours. In such coastal locations as Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Tamarindo, and Culebra Island, you can visit gold sandy or rocky beaches, turquoise waters, coconut palms, as well as beautiful coral reefs. The atmosphere in these small resorts is quite relaxing, so it will not be hard to meet Costa Rican women and invite them to one of the local venues with cool drinks and catchy music rhythms.

Where Else Can You Find Costa Rican Brides?

Besides coming to this country and trying to meet local women, you can register on one of the dating platforms and get acquainted with many Costa Rican mail order brides at once while staying at home. The matter is you never know whether the girl you occasionally meet on the street, in a nightclub or a café is not in a relationship with someone else. You can only rely on luck. On dating websites, all women are free by default. There, Costa Rica women are looking to meet somebody like you.

Meeting Costa Rican girls in person can be challenging as these girls can seem hard to reach and you may change your mind about approaching them. Don’t you think that every beautiful Costa Rican girl only dreams all the time of meeting you? You need to accept the fact that the meeting of two persons, the emergence of interest, and the beginning of romantic feelings are significant, but, unfortunately, not so frequent occurrences in real life. Being in the right place at the right time is crucial.

How to Choose a Costa Rican Brides Dating Site?

In Costa Rica, online dating has become a very popular method of finding interlocutors, soul mates, and, possibly, life partners. In this country, women of all ages love to spend time on dating sites, so you can definitely meet many Costa Rican mail order brides online. Choose a dating platform with Costa Rican girls and read the reviews on the particular site to stay out of trouble and make your romantic dreams come true. You need to pay attention to the number of registered users, privacy policy, prices, and communication methods.

Before you decide to make contact with any girl, look at her photos and read her profile carefully, as fake profiles are not uncommon even on the most popular dating sites. Also, pay attention to girls who have no photos in their profiles and almost nothing is written about them. The recommended dating sites for meeting Costa Rican mail order brides are Amo Latina, Latin American Cupid, Mingle2, OkCupid and Christian Café. Also, you can use such mobile apps Badoo, Tinder and SweetMeet.


Costa Rican brides deserve to be called the most beautiful and caring girls in the world. In addition, they are very cheerful and always smiling. They spread incredible positive energy around. Even though Costa Rican women look exactly like European women, they remain Latinas. They are extremely friendly, kind, and hospitable. One of kind and caring Costa Rican brides can become your most sincere friend and reliable life companion. Thus, consider our recommendations and take the first step towards your happiness.



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